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Dr David Molapo acts as patron for the GradStar Programme.

Entering its sixth year, GradStar is a programme that invites all university students across South Africa to participate in a rigorous 4 phase judging process, culminating in a day of workshops hosted by potential employers (sponsors). Through this programme, the Top 100 students judged on leadership criteria and readiness for the workplace are recognised and celebrated, finally drawing out ’10 of the Finest’ to be announced at a Gala Dinner to take place at the Indaba Hotel on 16th September, 2021.   

The GradStar App

In 2019, GradStar conducted a survey of the Top 100 students and asked them what find useful in an app that was designed specifically for them. With resounding clarity, 2 themes emerged, both of which are addressed in the GradStar App. 

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GradStar Campus App

What does the app do and why should you download it?

  • A main feature of GradStar is the ability for like minded students to connect with each other across the country and assist them with developing their own networks that they can nurture and develop over their working lives.
    “Being a part of the GradStar Top 100 has catapulted me into career success. From the number of networking opportunities that I was provided with that I still benefit from today, to having the opportunity to interact with South Africa’s top students, I am incredibly grateful to be affiliated with such an amazing group of top achievers from across the country.”
    Amy Botha, GradStar Top 100 2016
    "Making all these connections through GradStar - with people from all around the country and internationally, I know will help me greatly towards my future. 
    In terms of both working or even just meeting up with friends from around the world. It has been absolutely amazing! From being able to virtually meet and interact with GradStar sponsors and all the incredible new friends I've made, I really couldn’t have asked for a better programme for a journey of self discovery." 
    Xolela Ceba - GradStar Top 100 2020 - Rhodes University 
  • Unless you are very specific in your career choices, there are often hundreds of potential employers out there waiting for you. However, this involves researching hundreds of different employer websites to even find out if you qualify, then making hundreds of sets of notes and recording hundreds of different application dates. The students asked us to facilitate this process and put all of the information in one place. 

    And this was the birth of the GradStar App!

    Designed at the behest of the students, and taking into account the needs of graduate recruiters, we have a designed a simple and easy solution that matches students and employers and reduces wastage. 
  • Downloads are only open to tertiary level students or those that have graduated in the last 2 years.
    Your Shortcut to Successful Employment
    We’re here to take the work out of your job search and find you the perfect fit with the perfect employer.
    No more searching websites, making notes, applying for unsuitable graduate programmes or even missing out on those that are made for you. 
    Through the GradStar app, employers will be able to search for, and find, their perfect fit for their grad programmes – and potentially match with you!!!! They won’t find you if you’re not there. The app will also let you know when your academic specifications match with an employer and you can contact them! 
    Furthermore, you can grow you network and interact with other like minded students from across the country using your social wall. Built just for you, you can share employment and career information and create your own Galaxy of Stars!
    Using the app also allows you great discounts with our partner organisations, including Huawei and Nando’s!!!
  • Marketing 

    Marketed through university careers centres and national media every student in the nation receives an invite to enter the GradStar Awards. Students have to register for the app to complete the GradStar Awards entries, guaranteeing top student presence in YOUR searches. 

    Company onboard

    Subscriber companies can register for the app, create a graduate program, and create up to 5 recruiter users who will be able to search for and match with students – all in the palm of your hands. 

    Create search group

    Create an unlimited amount of search groups for your graduate program. You can enter different information in your search groups to tailor your searches – such as, university, course, majors, grade average, and much more. The GradStar App uses this information, in conjunction with the information entered by the student, to find student matches for your graduate programs.

  • Recruiter
    A recruiter can view more information on a matching student and send them an individual message letting them know of their interest or ignore the match and remove the student from their matches. Recruiters can also send a broadcast message to matches in search groups.
    The app will also notify students of graduate programs that they match with. Students can read more about the graduate program and send a notification of their interest. In this way, the app allows you to search and be searched, without all the hard work.

Top companies will snap up the best graduates fast!
Make sure your subscription is active so you don’t miss out.

For more information or to sign up now contact us.

About GradStar

GradStar is our programme that recognises the Top 100 students across the country based on leadership qualities and readiness for the workplace. We received over 8,000 entries in 2020 and narrowed then down to the top 100, ‘then the 10 of the Finest’.

Many of the Top 100 recognised students have received job offers from major employers as a result of being recognised through this programme.

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Zaheera Seedat (GradStar App Manager)

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Nina Paulsen (GradStar App Administrator)

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